Our Story and Mission

We are two people with a mission of increasing representation in children's books by empowering parents to make their own books for their little ones. 

Craft-A-Books is a new publishing technology company, empowering our customers to publish their own unique stories with our proprietary platform. 

We understood from our own childhood experiences that children crave seeing themselves in the stories they are told. They relate to stories not just through themes that echo situations of their own lives or characters that look like them, but with narratives that bring to life their own lives on the page. 

We want children to feel the magic that comes with seeing yourself and who you can be in the stories you enjoy. 

And we want grownups to be able to create fun and value-driven stories for their children, without having to pay additional fees to get their favorite books and stories customized. 

We envision parents and children coming together to enjoy books featuring stories that are not just personalized, but truly unique to their lives. 

Every child is unique, why shouldn’t their books be just as unique?