About and FAQs

Hello! My name is Geetika Rudra, founder and CEO of Craft A Books. Below are some common questions I've received about Craft A Books. If you don't see your question below, email me at hello@craftabooks.com.

What is a Craft-A-Book? 

A Craft-A-Book is a one-of-a-kind book starring the child in your life. It's a unique story accompanied by beautiful illustrations. No two Craft-A-Books are alike, because each one is created just for your child. 

How do I make a Craft-A-Book? 

Select your desired theme from our product page. At checkout, share details about your child and the story you'd like to feature them in. These details will be used to create your own Craft-A-Book. 

When will I see my Craft-A-Book?

You'll receive an ebook preview of your book within 24 hours of your order. 

Can I edit my Craft-A-Book?

Yes! Parents can request edits after they receive their preview. 

How will my Craft-A-Book be published?

Each book is 24 pages long and printed on premium, white paper with glossy, bright ink. Every book is hardcover, featuring a glossy cover. Book dimensions are 10 x 7 inches, perfect for little hands to hold. 

When will I receive my Craft-A-Book?

You'll receive your order around 2 weeks after checkout. Shipping times may very depending on where you live.